Available in convenient 13-ounce spray cans. $49.90. $(this).find('.tmx-variant-name').text().trim() var to_price = (p.replace('$', '') * cE).toFixed(2);

Mohawk Classic Instrument Lacquer has been specially formulated by Mohawk USA for finishing guitars and other stringed instruments. }); Read more about our PrivacyandCookiesPolicy. }
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  • LACQUER FISHEYE FLOWOUT SMOOTHIE Is used for elimination of craters or fisheyes. The amount used will depend on the size of the guitar, the timbers and the spraying technique. color: #ff0000; try { || canonical.startsWith('/customer-service/') Mohawk Finishing Products M102-0451 Finisher's Choice Clear Nitrocellulose Lacquer - Flat. . var m = document.querySelector('label[for="stewmax-checkbox"]').textContent.match(/\$[0-9. Perfect Blend features a soft spray, low film build, and fine atomization resulting in virtually no overspray, little bounce, excellent flow, and strong ability to blend in with the surrounding surface. 2 to 3 dulcimers. .msg-wrap br { padding: 30px 20px; '').replace(window.location.origin, ''); try { }); width: 0; This item: Mohawk Finishing Classic Instrument Lacquer 1 Qt M610-1406. } The limited warranty set forth above is exclusive. I also concur with Freddy that a gallon should get you 3 guitars or so. gap: 5px; great base for applying our instrument lacquer. color: #777; wait_for_currency(); avail = '';
  • The primary difference is the lacquer's The s. // Added the following to handle impersonation sessions from customer service team
  • function setUpButton($button, isDisabled) { 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7) 5. .cart-slideout .innerWrap { item_count: $orderSummary.find('.js-currency-dropdown').parent().next().text().trim(), Oxford Deluxe Aerosol Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finishing Kit . $("#zero-quantity").removeClass("d-none"); margin-bottom: 30px; monitorChangesByConditionAndRun(check, code); How many Preval cans are typical for a guitar? I got mine with 1200.000vnd in last a few years and still using ok. London, United. This creates an overlay at the top of the page when an item is added to cart. Many are simply inaccurate, others are outright false. All colours, unless otherwise noted, give a glossy finish. 2. High quality nitrocellulose guitar lacquer poppy red in 400ml aerosolPoppy Red Opaque Nitrocellulose Lacquer 400ml Aerosol We have a range of high-quality UK manufactured nitrocellulose-based. var check_customer_service = function (checkCount = 0) { var pv = document.querySelector('.js-product-variants, .js-cart, .js-products'); 1,345 19. e.addEventListener(s, function() { position: absolute;

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